Are you frustrated with you driving lessons?

Do you feel the need to change instructors?

Learning to drive can be a very frustrating experience & you can waste hundreds of pounds if your tuition is not effective.

If you get to the end of your lesson & feel you have not learnt anything you should be asking, does your Driving Instructor...

  • Arrive on time at least 95% of the time?
  • Recap the previous session to agree strengths and areas for improvement?
  • State firm session objectives and aims on what you will be covering that lesson?
  • Coach in a friendly, equal partnership manner?
  • Help & guide you with feedback & encouragement when you make mistakes & praise you when you succeed- giving you confidence in your ability?
  • Finish your session with a recap of what you have learnt, ask questions to check your understanding & guide you to the subject for your next session?

Did you tick ALL the above boxes? If not, change to Kevin now & move your driving into top gear.

The best transfer deal going: your first six (4x1.5) hours

Just £200.00

Please note: not to pupils with a practical test booked


Darren Masters

Big thank you to Kevin king for getting me through my extended driving test first time, you are a legend my friend. Top instructor, top bloke 100% recommend. Read more

Patricia ireland

The days/times of Kevin’s lessons did not fit my son’s working hours. Kevin promptly returned my package monies. He is a most trustworthy business person and I would highly recommend him. Read more

Sian Clatworthy

WOW what can say. I HIGHLY recommend Kevin. What an incredible driving Insturctor. From day one to the last second before test began, made me feel totally comfortable, held my nerve and most importantly made be believe in myself that I could do this. … Read more